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We believe Values and Principles form a core of any individual or business

We hold to our hearts the values, thoughts and teachings of Shri Rajiv Dikshitji who was the torch bearer of Swadeshi Movement all his life and Maharishi Patanjali whose contribution to Bharatiya wholistic sciences forms a foundation. Serving our Bharat Mata through promotion of Atmanirbharata, application of paramparik vidya to nurture healthy lifestyles of every Bharatiya, promotion of ancient medicinal practices, sourcing of best quality natural products untouched by high chemical treatments are some of the business ethics we stand by. Human Body is "Paramatma's" dwelling place. We believe we can nurture, maintain and cure any of its illness through sustained use of natural products and natural processes as researched and documented by our Bharatiya scholars.

Though Rakshayur we also intend to partner with like minded individuals and enterprises to bring to you the best quality products always at the best price.

You can contact us at:
Satheesh Huvinahalli: 9845350787

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